[ out-strip ]
/ ˌaʊtˈstrɪp /

verb (used with object), out·stripped, out·strip·ping.

to outdo; surpass; excel.
to outdo or pass in running or swift travel: A car can outstrip the local train.
to get ahead of or leave behind in a race or in any course of competition.
to exceed: a demand that outstrips the supply.

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Origin of outstrip

First recorded in 1570–80; out- + strip1

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/ (ˌaʊtˈstrɪp) /

verb -strips, -stripping or -stripped (tr)

to surpass in a sphere of activity, competition, etc
to be or grow greater than
to go faster than and leave behind
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Word Origin and History for outstrip



1570s, "to pass in running," from out + Middle English strip "move quickly," of unknown origin. Figurative sense of "to excel or surpass in anything" is from 1590s. Related: Outstripped; outstripping.

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