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[ out-wair ]

verb (used with object)

, out·wore, out·worn, out·wear·ing.
  1. to wear or last longer than; outlast:

    a well-made product that outwears its competition.

  2. to exhaust in strength or endurance:

    The daily toil had soon outworn him.

  3. to outlive or outgrow:

    Perhaps he will outwear those eccentricities.

  4. to wear out; destroy by wearing: wear:

    A child outwears clothes quickly.

  5. to pass (time):

    trying to outwear the hours by reading.


/ ˌaʊtˈwɛə /


  1. to use up or destroy by wearing
  2. to last or wear longer than
  3. to outlive, outgrow, or develop beyond
  4. to deplete or exhaust in strength, determination, etc

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Word History and Origins

Origin of outwear1

First recorded in 1535–45; out- + wear
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Example Sentences

It’s an intelligent and charming film that doesn’t outwear its welcome.

From Time

The brand succeeded most in the outwear, large leather goods, and mens accessories categories.

Kilmeny was going because he knew that he might easily outwear his welcome.

"'Tis I that am more like to outwear your patience, fair Judith," said he.

You wilfully misunderstand my attitude; you outwear my patience.

Yet more than one pair of these have I outworn, and many more shall I outwear ere my journeys are ended.

We go there so often that I fear Miss Sally will think we mean to outwear our welcome.