[ pawl-free ]
/ ˈpɔl fri /

noun, plural pal·freys.

a riding horse, as distinguished from a war horse.
a saddle horse particularly suitable for a woman.

Origin of palfrey

1200–50; Middle English palefrei < Old French < Late Latin paraverēdus post horse for byways, probably literally, spare horse, equivalent to Greek para- para-1 + Latin verēdus fast breed of horse < Gaulish < Celtic *woreidos (> Welsh gorwydd horse, charger), equivalent to *wo- under (< *upo-; cf. hypo-) + *reid-, base of Old Irish réidid (he) rides, réid level, smooth, easy, Welsh rhwydd easy; see ride


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British Dictionary definitions for palfrey

/ (ˈpɔːlfrɪ) /


archaic a light saddle horse, esp ridden by women

Word Origin for palfrey

C12: from Old French palefrei, from Medieval Latin palafredus, from Late Latin paraverēdus, from Greek para beside + Latin verēdus light fleet horse, of Celtic origin
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