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Origin of palinode

1590–1600; < Late Latin palinōdia < Greek palinōidía a singing again, especially a recanting, equivalent to pálin again, back + ōid(ḗ) ode + -ia -ia
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  1. a poem in which the poet recants something he has said in a former poem
  2. rare a recantation

Word Origin for palinode

C16: from Latin palinōdia repetition of a song, from Greek, from palin again + ōidē song, ode
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Word Origin and History for palinode

1590s, from Middle French palinod (16c.) or directly from Latin palinodia, from Greek palinoidia "poetic retraction," from palin "again, back" (see palindrome) + oide "song" (see ode). Related: Palinodic.

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