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[ pan-der-er ]


  1. a person who caters to or profits from the weaknesses or vices of others.
  2. a person who furnishes clients for a prostitute or supplies persons for illicit sex acts; procurer; pimp.
  3. a go-between in amorous intrigues.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of panderer1

First recorded in 1825–30; pander ( def ) + -er 1( def )

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Example Sentences

Chicago knew how to run against Romney the right-wing panderer, but how do they run against the pseudo-centrist suitor?

Of late, opponents and reporters have called Romney a panderer and worse.

The governor was denounced by Kristol as an “irresponsible” panderer lacking foreign policy “seriousness.”

The doorkeeper's manners underwent an instantaneous change, and from the fierce bully he softened to the fawning panderer.

"Panderer" is not a pretty thing to be called, but the pleasant Messrs. Hilkovitz and Berger swallow it.

But your friend, your accomplice, your panderer—the coward who represents you—shall pay for your crime.

With this sort of despite I was sufficiently inspired, extending equally to the patron and the panderer.

She then undressed the body, placed it naturally in bed, and went out to look for "her Billy," her paramour and panderer in vice.


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