[ peyn ]
/ peɪn /


one of the divisions of a window or the like, consisting of a single plate of glass in a frame.
a plate of glass for such a division.
a panel, as of a wainscot, ceiling, door, etc.
a flat section, side, or surface, as one of the sides of a bolthead.
Philately. a sheet of stamps or any large portion of one, as a half or a quarter, as issued by the post office.

Origin of pane

1250–1300; Middle English pane, pan strip of cloth, section < Middle French pan < Latin pannus cloth; akin to Old English fana flag; see vane


pane·less, adjective

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[ pa-ney; French pa-ney ]
/ pæˈneɪ; French paˈneɪ /


(of food) prepared with bread crumbs; breaded.

Origin of pané

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/ (peɪn) /


a sheet of glass in a window or door
a panel of a window, door, wall, etc
a flat section or face, as of a cut diamond
  1. any of the rectangular marked divisions of a sheet of stamps made for convenience in selling
  2. a single page in a stamp bookletSee also tête-bêche, se tenant

Word Origin for pane

C13: from Old French pan portion, from Latin pannus rag

British Dictionary definitions for pane (2 of 3)

/ (peɪn) /

noun, verb

a variant of peen

British Dictionary definitions for pane (3 of 3)

/ French (pane) /


(of fish, meat, etc) dipped or rolled in breadcrumbs before cooking
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