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[puh-nik-yuh-luh s]
noun, plural pan·nic·u·li [puh-nik-yuh-lahy] /pəˈnɪk yəˌlaɪ/. Anatomy.
  1. a layer of tissue, especially a subcutaneous layer of fat.
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Origin of panniculus

< Latin: small piece of cloth, rag, equivalent to pann(us) cloth, rag (cf. pane) + -i- -i- + -culus -cule1; see panicle
Related formspan·nic·u·lar, adjective
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Historical Examples of panniculus

  • This elevation is produced by the fleshy portion of the panniculus.

    Artistic Anatomy of Animals

    douard Cuyer

  • As we pointed out above, there is also a panniculus muscle of the shoulder and one of the neck.

  • This latter part is considered by some writers as forming a portion of the panniculus muscle of the neck.

  • In this family and in the tenrec most of the species are protected by spines implanted in the skin-muscle, or panniculus carnosus.

  • Now, some persons can move the skin of their hairy heads; and is this not effected by the panniculus?

panniculus in Medicine


n. pl. pan•nic•u•li (-lī′)
  1. A sheet or layer of tissue.
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