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noun Geometry.
  1. a plane curve formed by the intersection of a right circular cone with a plane parallel to a generator of the cone; the set of points in a plane that are equidistant from a fixed line and a fixed point in the same plane or in a parallel plane. Equation: y2 = 2px or x2 = 2py.
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Origin of parabola

1570–80; < New Latin < Greek parabolḗ an application. See parable
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trajectory, arc, arch, contour, loop, swerve, sweep, hairpin, crook, bend, whorl, ambit, concavity, circle, quirk, curvature, festoon, bight, compass, circumference

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Historical Examples of parabola

  • He reached the height of the 'parabola,' and is now about to descend.

    Debts of Honor

    Maurus Jkai

  • Is the orbit that of an ellipse, or a circle, or a parabola?

    Aether and Gravitation

    William George Hooper

  • You will remember that a Republican State is represented by a parabola.

  • As a matter of fact the path of a projectile in vacuo is only approximately a parabola.

  • Its actual path will be a curve, which in this case is a parabola.

British Dictionary definitions for parabola


  1. a conic section formed by the intersection of a cone by a plane parallel to its side. Standard equation: y ² = 4 ax, where 2 a is the distance between focus and directrix
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Word Origin for parabola

C16: via New Latin from Greek parabolē a setting alongside; see parable
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Word Origin and History for parabola


1570s, from Modern Latin parabola, from Greek parabole "parabola, comparison, analogy; application" (see parable), so called by Apollonius of Perga c.210 B.C.E. because it is produced by "application" of a given area to a given straight line. It had a different sense in Pythagorean geometry. Related: Parabolic.

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parabola in Science


  1. The curve formed by the set of points in a plane that are all equally distant from both a given line (called the directrix) and a given point (called the focus) that is not on the line.
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parabola in Culture



A geometrical shape (see geometry) consisting of a single bend and two lines going off to an infinite distance.

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An object that is propelled away from the Earth and then drawn back by gravity, such as a fly ball in baseball, follows a path shaped like a parabola.
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