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[ par-uh-dok-si-kuhl ]


  1. having the nature of a paradox; self-contradictory.
  2. Medicine/Medical. not being the normal or usual kind:

    Stimulants are a paradoxical, albeit effective, medication used for certain forms of hyperactivity.

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  • par·a·dox·i·cal·ly adverb
  • par·a·dox·i·cal·i·ty [par-, uh, -dok-si-, kal, -i-tee], par·a·dox·i·cal·ness noun
  • non·par·a·dox·i·cal adjective
  • non·par·a·dox·i·cal·ness noun
  • ul·tra·par·a·dox·i·cal adjective
  • un·par·a·dox·al adjective
  • un·par·a·dox·i·cal adjective

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Example Sentences

It might seem paradoxical that Nebraskans, especially those in rural areas, identify with and vote for Republicans despite the opposition of GOP officials on some popular issues.

Like the McDonald’s hamburger, the McRib is soft food, its only resistance provided by the pickle and onion garnishes, which is sort of paradoxical.

That’s the paradoxical set of conclusions to draw from the BofA Securities’ latest fund manager survey.

From Fortune

Sorokin has studied another paradoxical phenomenon in vibrating liquids — the fact that bubbles sink to the bottom of the liquid rather than rising to the top.

The fact that healthcare is struggling may seem paradoxical, given the overwhelming need for healthcare services right now.

The two major complaints minority communities have against the police seem at first glance paradoxical.

She would be such a target for conservatives, it may end up having a paradoxical effect on Democrats.

The Phelps family, too, manifested a paradoxical blend of intellectual curiosity and abusive behavior-policing.

This is the story of my education and my debt—a paradoxical combination.

Modernism may have been a heady project, but it could never escape the paradoxical longing to become museum classics.

Albrechts views, or rather convictions, were extraordinarily paradoxical.

It seems paradoxical to observe that the art of listening well forms a part of the duty of conversation.

And his glance, anxious and beseeching, sought the Nabob, as though to demand his pardon for all these paradoxical impertinences.

The symptoms noted are extraordinarily rapid and paradoxical changes of disposition.

Perhaps they are the same ones I hated to see come into the gym, but I feel no sense of being paradoxical.


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