[ par-uht ]
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  1. any of numerous hook-billed, often brilliantly colored birds of the order Psittaciformes, as the cockatoo, lory, macaw, or parakeet, having the ability to mimic speech and often kept as pets.

  2. a person who, without thought or understanding, merely repeats the words or imitates the actions of another.

verb (used with object)
  1. to repeat or imitate without thought or understanding.

  2. to teach to repeat or imitate in such a fashion.

Origin of parrot

1515–25; apparently <Middle French P(i)errot, diminutive of Pierre (see parakeet), though a comparable sense of the French word is not known until the 18th century

Other words from parrot

  • par·rot·like, adjective
  • par·rot·y, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for parrot


/ (ˈpærət) /

  1. any bird of the tropical and subtropical order Psittaciformes, having a short hooked bill, compact body, bright plumage, and an ability to mimic sounds: Related adjective: psittacine

  2. a person who repeats or imitates the words or actions of another unintelligently

  1. sick as a parrot usually facetious extremely disappointed

verb-rots, -roting or -roted
  1. (tr) to repeat or imitate mechanically without understanding

Origin of parrot

C16: probably from French paroquet; see parakeet

Derived forms of parrot

  • parrotry, noun

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