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[pah-sey-oh; Spanish pah-se-aw]
noun, plural pa·se·os [pah-sey-ohz; Spanish pah-se-aws] /pɑˈseɪ oʊz; Spanish pɑˈsɛ ɔs/.
  1. a slow, idle, or leisurely walk or stroll.
  2. a public place or path designed for walking; promenade.
  3. (especially in Spanish-speaking countries) a usually tree-lined thoroughfare; avenue.
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Origin of paseo

Borrowed into English from Spanish around 1825–35
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Historical Examples of paseo

  • Every family comes out to join in this evening custom which is called "paseo."

    Getting to know Spain

    Dee Day

  • His house was two-storied, as were most of the houses in the Paseo.

  • As we are at breakfast, the troops pass by the Paseo, from the mass service.

    To Cuba and Back

    Richard Henry Dana

  • We have been told of sea-baths, cut in the rock, near the Punta, at the foot of our Paseo.

    To Cuba and Back

    Richard Henry Dana

  • Rose before six, and walked as usual, down the Paseo, to the sea baths.

    To Cuba and Back

    Richard Henry Dana