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[ pas-er, pah-ser ]


  1. a person or thing that passes pass or causes something to pass.
  2. a passerby.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of passer1

Middle English word dating back to 1350–1400; pass, -er 1

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Example Sentences

Wiggins has developed into a proficient passer and rebounder, but now he must respond to a season-low scoring output the same way Ayala did last week.

Mahomes and Brady weren’t even the top two passers in their respective conferences this season, with Mahomes ranking second in the AFC in passer rating behind Deshaun Watson and Brady fifth in the NFC.

A lot of that is because almost everyone on the floor is a good passer and, perhaps just as important, a willing passer.

However, some of that could be the byproduct of 23 dropped passes in these situations, the fourth most among that same group of passers.

Yet Hart has maintained his status as a solid passer and good decision-maker.

They named Howe the smartest player, best passer and playmaker and best puck carrier.

He used his strength to overwhelm defenders but he also had nifty footwork, soft hands, and was a beautiful passer.

He was passed over by at least five teams that needed a passer.

“He is beautiful,” one accented passer-by says to the camera.

A year or so later, a magistrate fined her when her dog bit a passer-by in the Windsor Great Park.

Many of the inhabitants came out of their houses and gave it fodder, and every passer-by turned out of the way for it.

Many a passer-by would have found it difficult to guess the class of trade carried on by Monsieur Guillaume.

Behind such a wall the passer-by had a glimpse of the upper windows and steep roof of a house of considerable size.

The education of Humanity grows like those Eastern pyramids, to which each passer-by adds his stone.

He fancied that every passer-by looked at him in a peculiar way, with a sort of sarcastic astonishment and curiosity.