or pass·er-by

[pas-er-bahy, -bahy, pah-ser-]

noun, plural pass·ers·by [pas-erz-bahy, -bahy, pah-serz-] /ˈpæs ərzˈbaɪ, -ˌbaɪ, ˈpɑ sərz-/,

a person passing by.

Origin of passerby

1560–70; pass by + -er1, with postposing of the particle Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

Examples from the Web for passerby

Contemporary Examples of passerby

Historical Examples of passerby

  • She is pleased when a passerby stops to admire, and especially so if it be a young miss.

  • You stop the first passerby, and you say I want to find such and such a street.

    Natural Wonders

    Edwin Tenney Brewster

  • A passerby appears down the path, and she hastily withdraws her hand.


    H. G. Wells

  • He was told by a passerby that it was the home of a club waiter.

    The Forged Note

    Oscar Micheaux

  • He walked into their shelter until he was out of any passerby's range of vision.

    The Mighty Dead

    William Campbell Gault