[ pee-nuht, -nuht ]
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  1. the pod or the enclosed edible seed of the plant, Arachis hypogaea, of the legume family: the pod is forced underground in growing, where it ripens.

  2. the plant itself.

  1. any small or insignificant person or thing.

  2. peanuts,

    • Informal. a very small amount of money: working for peanuts.

    • Slang. barbiturates.

    • small pieces of Styrofoam used as a packing material.

  1. of or relating to the peanut or peanuts.

  2. made with or from peanuts.

  1. Informal. small, insignificant, or petty.

Origin of peanut

An Americanism dating back to 1790–1800; pea1 + nut

Other words from peanut

  • pea·nut·ty, adjective

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/ (ˈpiːˌnʌt) /

  1. : See also peanuts

    • a leguminous plant, Arachis hypogaea, of tropical America: widely cultivated for its edible seeds. The seed pods are forced underground where they ripen: See also hog peanut

    • Also called: goober, goober pea, (Brit) groundnut, (Brit) monkey nut the edible nutlike seed of this plant, used for food and as a source of oil

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