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/ ˈpiːˌnʌts /


  1. slang.
    a trifling amount of money


  1. A popular comic strip drawn by Charles M. Schulz . The world of Peanuts is populated by pint-sized versions of adults: perennial optimist and born loser Charlie Brown; bossy, loud-mouthed Lucy; gentle Linus with his security blanket; Schroeder, the brooding piano player; and many others.

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Perhaps the most popular character is the beagle Snoopy, Charlie Brown's dog, who is often accompanied by his feathered friend, Woodstock.
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Example Sentences

But as Garfield on television gained in popularity, the Peanuts connection became a source of friction.

Thanks in part to his efforts, peanuts became a vital crop, and a thriving industry.

Why is it that every time I eat a Baby Ruth bar I feel a little better because at least it contains real peanuts?

We left her sitting in the sun shelling peanuts and drinking tea.

Charles Schulz has this really dark streak that comes out in Peanuts… Lynn Johnston talks about dealing with depression.

In fruit production, apples are first; in total production, apples follow two field crops, tobacco and peanuts.

Just look in at that fruit-store window,—peaches and apples and plums, and even roasted peanuts!

Old Mom always had a friendly greeting for me and knew in which pocket I had parked the peanuts.

Do you see that man sitting near the bottom—right beside that boy with the basket of peanuts?

Besides, he liked boys, as well as girls, for so many of them had fed him peanuts in the circus.





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