[ pej-uh-rey-shuh n, pee-juh- ]
/ ˌpɛdʒ əˈreɪ ʃən, ˌpi dʒə- /


depreciation; a lessening in worth, quality, etc.
Historical Linguistics. semantic change in a word to a lower, less approved, or less respectable meaning.Compare melioration(def 1).

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Origin of pejoration

1650–60; < Medieval Latin pējōrātiōn- (stem of pējōrātiō) a making worse, equivalent to Late Latin pējōrāt(us) (past participle of pējōrāre to make worse, derivative of pējor worse) + -iōn- -ion Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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British Dictionary definitions for pejoration

/ (ˌpiːdʒəˈreɪʃən) /


linguistics semantic change whereby a word acquires unfavourable connotationsthe English word ``silly'' changed its meaning from ``holy'' or ``happy'' by pejoration Compare amelioration (def. 3)
the process of worsening; deterioration
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