allowing the maximum passage of light, as glass; translucent.
clear or limpid: pellucid waters.
clear in meaning, expression, or style: a pellucid way of writing.

Origin of pellucid

1610–20; < Latin pellūcidus, variant of perlūcidus. See per-, lucid
Related formspel·lu·cid·i·ty [pel-oo-sid-i-tee] /ˌpɛl ʊˈsɪd ɪ ti/, pel·lu·cid·ness, nounpel·lu·cid·ly, adverbsub·pel·lu·cid, adjectivesub·pel·lu·cid·ly, adverbsub·pel·lu·cid·ness, nounsub·pel·lu·cid·i·ty, noun

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1, 2. opaque. 3. obscure. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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transparent or translucent
extremely clear in style and meaning; limpid
Derived Formspellucidly, adverbpellucidity or pellucidness, noun

Word Origin for pellucid

C17: from Latin pellūcidus, variant of perlūcidus, from perlūcēre to shine through, from per through + lūcēre to shine
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Word Origin and History for pellucid

"transparent, translucent," 1610s, from Latin pellucidus "transparent," from pellucere "shine through," from per- "through" (see per) + lucere "to shine" (see light (n.)). Related: Pellucidly; pellucidity.

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Admitting the passage of light; transparent or translucent.
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