[ verb pur-kuh-leyt; noun pur-kuh-lit, -leyt ]
/ verb 藞p蓽r k蓹藢le瑟t; noun 藞p蓽r k蓹 l瑟t, -藢le瑟t /
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verb (used with object), per路co路lat路ed, per路co路lat路ing.
verb (used without object), per路co路lat路ed, per路co路lat路ing.
a percolated liquid.
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Origin of percolate

1620鈥30; <Latin perc艒l膩tus, past participle of perc艒l膩re to filter. See per-, colander, -ate1

how to pronounce percolate

The pronunciation of percolate as [pur-kyuh-leyt], /藞p蓽r ky蓹藢le瑟t/, with an intrusive y -glide, results from analogy with words like circulate and matriculate, where the unstressed vowel following the k -sound is symbolized by a u spelling, making the y -glide mandatory. In similar words where [k] /k/ is followed by some other vowel, the [y] /y/ represents a hypercorrection. The pronunciation of escalate as [es-kyuh-leyt] /藞蓻s ky蓹藢le瑟t/ is another such example. See coupon, new.


per路co路la路ble, adjectiveper路co路la路tive, adjectiveun路per路co路lat路ed, adjective
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How to use percolate in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for percolate


verb (藞p蓽藧k蓹藢le瑟t)
to cause (a liquid) to pass through a fine mesh, porous substance, etc, or (of a liquid) to pass through a fine mesh, porous substance, etc; tricklerain percolated through the roof
to permeate; penetrate graduallywater percolated the road
(intr) US informal to become active or livelyshe percolated with happiness
to make (coffee) or (of coffee) to be made in a percolator
noun (藞p蓽藧k蓹l瑟t, -藢le瑟t)
a product of percolation

Derived forms of percolate

percolable (藞p蓽藧k蓹l蓹bl), adjectivepercolation, nounpercolative, adjective

Word Origin for percolate

C17: from Latin percol膩re, from per + c艒l膩re to strain, from c艒lum a strainer; see colander
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Medical definitions for percolate

[ p没rk蓹-l膩t鈥 ]

To cause a liquid to pass slowly through a porous substance or small holes; filter.
To drain or seep through.
To cause a solvent liquid to pass through a mixture, such as a powdered drug, so as to extract the soluble portion.
A liquid that has been percolated.

Other words from percolate

per鈥瞔o鈥ation n.
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