[ per-ee-os-tee-uhm ]

noun,plural per·i·os·te·a [per-ee-os-tee-uh]. /ˌpɛr iˈɒs ti ə/. Anatomy.
  1. the normal investment of bone, consisting of a dense, fibrous outer layer, to which muscles attach, and a more delicate, inner layer capable of forming bone.

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Origin of periosteum

1590–1600; <New Latin, variant of Late Latin periosteon, noun use of neuter of Greek periósteos around the bones. See peri-, osteo-

Other words from periosteum

  • per·i·os·te·al, per·i·os·te·ous, adjective
  • per·i·os·te·al·ly, adverb
  • sub·per·i·os·te·al, adjective
  • sub·per·i·os·te·al·ly, adverb

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How to use periosteum in a sentence

  • Make a corresponding incision through the periosteum and raise it with a blunt dissector.

  • It signifies, of course, that the periosteum and the bone have become invaded by the inflammatory process.

    Diseases of the Horse's Foot | Harry Caulton Reeks
  • In connection with the deep layer of the periosteum, and forming part of it, are found numerous bone-forming cells (osteoblasts).

    Diseases of the Horse's Foot | Harry Caulton Reeks
  • In the periosteum we may take it roughly that inflammation runs a course similar to that occurring in soft tissues elsewhere.

    Diseases of the Horse's Foot | Harry Caulton Reeks
  • As we know, the periosteum consists of two layers, an outer fibrous and an inner yellow elastic, and is extremely vascular.

    Diseases of the Horse's Foot | Harry Caulton Reeks

British Dictionary definitions for periosteum


/ (ˌpɛrɪˈɒstɪəm) /

nounplural -tea (-tɪə)
  1. a thick fibrous two-layered membrane covering the surface of bones

Origin of periosteum

C16: New Latin, from Greek periosteon, from peri- + osteon bone

Derived forms of periosteum

  • periosteal, adjective

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