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[ per-plek-si-tee ]


, plural per·plex·i·ties.
  1. the state of being perplexed; perplexed; confusion; uncertainty.
  2. something that perplexes:

    a case plagued with perplexities.

  3. a tangled, involved, or confused condition or situation.


/ pəˈplɛksɪtɪ /


  1. the state of being perplexed
  2. the state of being intricate or complicated
  3. something that perplexes

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Word History and Origins

Origin of perplexity1

First recorded in 1350–1400; Middle English perplexite, from Old French, from Late Latin perplexitās, from Latin perplex(us) ( perplexed ) + -itās -ity

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Example Sentences

As Diodorus of Sicily explained –The Macedonians because of the disaster sustained in the battle and the magnitude of the dangers pressing upon them were in the greatest perplexity.

Amid all the perplexities, some ad tech executives have teased out some clarity.

From Digiday

Perhaps the best illustration of the perplexities involved in studying vitamin D in athletes comes from a two-part Bangor University study from 2018.

The Company is in complete shock and perplexity to the news.

From Fortune

It is the perplexity of this situation that has caused most of the paralysis in Congress.

I am not sure how helpful that is, except that the communing certainly keeps us from feeling totally isolated in our perplexity.

Greeted with derision in some corners and perplexity in others, the movement's new magazine launches at CPAC today.

This change in plan was a source of perplexity bordering on irritation to the Queen.

Davy read this over two or three times, in the greatest perplexity, and then gave it up in despair.

Miss Anne smiled kindly, not dreaming of his perplexity, amused by his Southern warmth.

For he knew that her suffering and her deep perplexity were somewhere, somehow almost equal to his own.

But before he had been in San Pasquale an hour, he was plunged into a perplexity and disappointment deeper than he had yet felt.

When, in reply to his questions in regard to Alessandro's wife, Felipe heard her spoken of as "Majella," his perplexity deepened.


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