the quality of being pertinacious; persistence.

Origin of pertinacity

1495–1505; < Late Latin pertinācitās, for Latin pertinācia stubbornness, perseverance (> obsolete pertinacy), equivalent to pertināci- (stem of pertināx) steadfast, stubborn + -tās -ty2. See per-, tenacity

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Examples from the Web for pertinacity

Historical Examples of pertinacity

  • But that mild and meek man had a certain strength of pertinacity.

    Within the Law

    Marvin Dana

  • But she shook her head and rose—angry, which she hid, but also amused at his pertinacity.

  • I think I've shown that by my pertinacity in hunting you down.

    The Black Bag

    Louis Joseph Vance

  • But the pertinacity of that brass-bound Paul Pry was astonishing.

    Tales Of Hearsay

    Joseph Conrad

  • "I believe not," said Helen, smiling at the pertinacity of his curiosity.

Word Origin and History for pertinacity

c.1500, from Middle French pertinacité (early 15c.), from Old French pertinace "obstinate, stubborn," from Latin pertinacem (nominative pertinax) "very firm, tenacious, steadfast, persevering," from per- "very" (see per) + tenax (see tenacious). It drove out earlier pertinacy (late 14c.).

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