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Origin of pertinent

1350–1400; Middle English < Latin pertinent- (stem of pertinēns), present participle of pertinēre to pertain; see -ent
Related formsper·ti·nence, per·ti·nen·cy, nounper·ti·nent·ly, adverbnon·per·ti·nence, nounnon·per·ti·nen·cy, nounnon·per·ti·nent, adjectivenon·per·ti·nent·ly, adverbun·per·ti·nent, adjectiveun·per·ti·nent·ly, adverb

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Synonym study

See apt.

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relevance, importance, purpose, applicability, congruity

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Historical Examples of pertinence

  • This remark has no pertinence or meaning in Rosaline's mouth.

  • Such directions have no pertinence, if addressed to human chattels.

  • But there was pertinence in the young woman's question; where was he going, indeed?


    Julian Hawthorne

  • So soon as such proposals had become law, it was asked with some pertinence: where were these huge wheels to come from?

  • Although he mentions a publisher's catalogue (which he has not seen), he seems doubtful about its pertinence to the task.

British Dictionary definitions for pertinence


  1. relating to the matter at hand; relevant
Derived Formspertinence, nounpertinently, adverb

Word Origin for pertinent

C14: from Latin pertinēns, from pertinēre to pertain
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Word Origin and History for pertinence

1650s, from French pertenance or formed in English from pertinent + -ence.



late 14c., from Anglo-French purtinaunt (late 13c.), Old French partenant (mid-13c.) and directly from Latin pertinentem (nominative pertinens) "pertaining," present participle of pertinere "to relate, concern" (see pertain). Related: Pertinently.

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