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verb (used with object), pet·ri·fied, pet·ri·fy·ing.
  1. to convert into stone or a stony substance.
  2. to benumb or paralyze with astonishment, horror, or other strong emotion: I was petrified with fear.
  3. to make rigid or inert; harden; deaden: The tragedy in his life petrified his emotions.
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verb (used without object), pet·ri·fied, pet·ri·fy·ing.
  1. to become petrified.
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Origin of petrify

From the Middle French word petrifier, dating back to 1585–95. See petri-, -fy
Related formspet·ri·fi·a·ble, adjectivepe·trif·i·cant [pi-trif-i-kuhnt] /pɪˈtrɪf ɪ kənt/, adjectivepet·ri·fi·er, nounhalf-pet·ri·fied, adjectivesem·i·pet·ri·fied, adjectiveun·pet·ri·fied, adjectiveun·pet·ri·fy·ing, adjective

Synonyms for petrify

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frozen, ossified, solidified, fossilized, calcified, stunned, scared, startled, shocked, numb, dazed, alarmed, frightened, unnerved, spooked, afraid, anxious, fearful, speechless, panicky

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verb -fies, -fying or -fied
  1. (tr; often passive) to convert (organic material, esp plant material) into a fossilized form by impregnation with dissolved minerals so that the original appearance is preserved
  2. to make or become dull, unresponsive, insensitive, etc; deaden
  3. (tr; often passive) to stun or daze with horror, fear, etc
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Derived Formspetrifier, noun

Word Origin for petrify

C16: from French pétrifier, ultimately from Greek petra stone, rock
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Word Origin and History for petrified


1660s, "turned to stone," past participle adjective from petrify (v.). Figurative meaning "paralyzed (with fright, etc.)" is from 1720.

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1590s, from Middle French pétrifier "to make or become stone" (16c.), from Latin petra "rock, crag" (see petrous) + -ficare, from facere "to make, do" (see factitious). Metaphoric sense of "paralyze with fear or shock" first recorded 1771. Related: Petrified; petrifying.

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