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noun, plural pha·ses [fey-seez] /ˈfeɪ siz/.
  1. a manner, stage, or aspect of being; phase.
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Origin of phasis

1650–60; < New Latin < Greek phásis appearance, equivalent to pha- (base of phaínein to show) + -sis -sis
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Historical Examples

  • It is I apparently who am going to cheat you and carry you off to Phasis.



  • Imagine however that I could even succeed in deluding you to Phasis.

  • It is the phasis of the Union as created by the Constitution.

  • He had then completed a journey from the Phasis of not much less than 4000 stadia.

  • Dioscurias, however, is 800 stadia from the Phasis, of 700 to a degree.