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[ fi-lan-der-er ]


  1. a person, usually a man, who has many casual sexual encounters or affairs, especially when married or in a committed relationship:

    After three of his infidelities, she’d finally had enough of a husband who by all accounts had become a serial philanderer.

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Example Sentences

In his personal life, Le Gris had a reputation as a philanderer.

From Time

He was also a documented philanderer who fathered several children with various women.

A staunch traditionalist at home, Ahmad is also a liberal in politics and a nighttime philanderer.

In fact, however, Henry was more of a serial monogamist than a philanderer.

Now the monarch, 74, has been exposed as a philanderer after he fell and broke his hip during a $52,000 African safari.

There is no way in heaven or earth that he is a philanderer (Cain).

He had even told Miss Grains that he looked upon Mr. Puffin as a "philanderer," and that "he didn't hold with philanderers."

The fourteenth man was Bayard, who belongs to a very exasperating type of philanderer.

It was sheer weakness, her heart cried out, the weakness of the philanderer, the half-hearted.

He felt himself pushed down to almost the level of a philanderer—a philanderer not much more august than Adair.

She is happy and well with the right man, but Heaven help her if the marriage ceremony links her with a philanderer!