[ flawr-uh-gloo-suh-nawl, -nol, flor- ]

  1. a white to yellow, crystalline, slightly water-soluble powder, C6H3(OH)3⋅2H2O, used chiefly in analytical chemistry and in the preparation of pharmaceuticals.

Origin of phloroglucinol

First recorded in 1875–80; phlor(izin) + -o- + gluc- + -in2 + -ol1
  • Also phlor·o·glu·cin [flawr-uh-gloo-sin, flor-], /ˌflɔr əˈglu sɪn, ˌflɒr-/, phlor·o·glu·cine [flawr-uh-gloo-seen, -sin, flor-]. /ˌflɔr əˈglu sin, -sɪn, ˌflɒr-/.

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