[ pik-ee-yoon, pik-uh- ]
/ ˌpɪk iˈyun, ˌpɪk ə- /
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adjective Also pic·a·yun·ish. Informal.

of little value or account; small; trifling: a picayune amount.
petty, carping, or prejudiced: I didn't want to seem picayune by criticizing.


(formerly, in Louisiana, Florida, etc.) a coin equal to half a Spanish real.
any small coin, as a five-cent piece.
Informal. an insignificant person or thing.



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Origin of picayune

1780–90; <Provençal picaioun small copper coin (compare French picaillons), derivative of an onomatopoetic base *pikk- beat, here referring to the coining of coppers
pic·a·yun·ish·ly, adverbpic·a·yun·ish·ness, noun

Definition for picayune (2 of 2)

[ pik-uh-yoon, pik-ee- ]
/ ˌpɪk əˈyun, ˌpɪk i- /


a town in SE Mississippi.
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British Dictionary definitions for picayune

/ (ˌpɪkəˈjuːn) /

adjective Also: picayunish US and Canadian informal

of small value or importance
mean; petty


the half real, an old Spanish-American coin
US any coin of little value, esp a five-cent piece
picayunishly, adverbpicayunishness, noun
C19: from French picaillon coin from Piedmont, from Provençal picaioun, of unknown origin
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