[ pee-ey-duh-tair, -dah-, pyey- ]
/ piˌeɪ dəˈtɛər, -dɑ-, ˌpyeɪ- /

noun, plural pieds-à-terre [pee-ey-duh-tair, -dah-, pyey-] /piˌeɪ dəˈtɛər, -dɑ-, ˌpyeɪ-/,

a residence, as an apartment, for part-time or temporary use.

Origin of pied-à-terre

1820–30; < French: literally, foot on ground
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British Dictionary definitions for pied a terre


/ (ˌpjeɪtɑːˈtɛə) /

noun plural pieds-à-terre (ˌpjeɪtɑːˈtɛə)

a flat, house, or other lodging for secondary or occasional use

Word Origin for pied-à-terre

French, literally: foot on (the) ground
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Word Origin and History for pied a terre

pied a terre


"small town house or rooms used for short residences," 1829, French, pied à terre, literally "foot on the ground."

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