[ pahyz ]


  1. plural of pi 2.
  2. plural of pie.

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Example Sentences

Tapping on a Search trend shows popular searches associated with that particular trend — a grocery store might see a trend for “pies & tarts” with growing searches for “pumpkin pie,” Google provided as an example.

These chicken pot pies are twists on an American classic, and smartly turned out if made for company.

MAKE IT AHEAD: Assemble the pot pies completely, cover tightly, and refrigerate for up to a day or freeze for up to a month.

It is literally a long, seemingly endless, table of cheeses and meat and pies.

I like computers, courtesy, Japan, apple pies, and cooking, and also driving around in a car, or traveling.

The around-the-corner Emporium Pies supplies a variety of irresistible desserts.

When he turns the brush in the cup it makes something like whipped cream, or the top of mother's lemon pies.

Cheese is now eaten with apple puddings and pies; but is there any nook in England where they still grate it over plum pudding?

The shopman lays himself at the feet of his lady customers—metaphorically only, fortunately, Á los pies de V., Señora!

As the men arrived they were provided with hot coffee and meat pies, which they drank and ate with every sign of pleasure.

I offered sympathy and witch-hazel, but she would have none of my offerings, and presently returned to her pies.





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