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[ pahyld ]


  1. having a pile, as velvet and other fabrics.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of piled1

First recorded in 1400–50; late Middle English: “covered with hair”; pile 3, -ed 3

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Example Sentences

The Walking Dead piled up an impressive body count in 2014, with Lizzie, Hershel, and Beth among its major casualties.

He piled 125 people into the back of his plane and lifted off.

The next day the whole raid force piled into a windowless conference room at Fort Campbell.

De Merode sits at a long table and digs into a plate piled with rice, beans, and avocado.

Now, fallen branches remain piled up on lawns throughout East Dallas neighborhoods, but power has since returned.

We stumbled along, close up, for the thick-piled clouds still hung their light-obscuring banners over the sky.

As fast as his short bowed legs would carry him, he ran to the car and piled in beside Shiv.

Seeing the luggage piled “Olympus high,” so as to occasion an alarming oscillation.

And she did not open them for a long time, although the dark gray clouds piled higher and more thickly over the sleeping children.

Some shelves had been put up along one side of the stall, and they were piled with a lot of grimy-looking books.


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