[ pil-er-boks ]
/ ˈpɪl ərˌbɒks /
Digital Technology, Television.


a technique for displaying a video recorded in portrait orientation on a wider screen by reducing its size but retaining the aspect ratio, with black bands filling the screen to the right and left of the picture (often used attributively):pillarbox format. Compare letterbox(def 2).

verb (used with object)

to display (a film or video) by using the pillarbox technique.

Origin of pillarbox

2000–05; pillar + box1, perhaps referencing the two black bands (or pillars) used to box in the video content
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Examples from the Web for pillarbox

  • With a beating heart she went out to post the letter herself, and as it dropped into the pillarbox, she prayed softly to "God."

    Married|August Strindberg