[ let-er-boks ]
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  1. Also letter box .Chiefly British. a public or private mailbox.

  2. Digital Technology, Television. a technique for displaying a wide-screen film or landscape video on a narrower screen by reducing its size but retaining the aspect ratio, with black bands filling the screen above and below the picture (often used attributively):letterbox videos.: Compare pan and scan, pillarbox (def. 1).

verb (used with object)
  1. Digital Technology, Television. to display (a film or video) by using the letterbox technique.

Origin of letterbox

First recorded in 1765–75; letter1 + box1

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British Dictionary definitions for letter box

letter box

nounmainly British
    • a slot, usually covered with a hinged flap, through which letters, etc, are delivered to a building

    • a private box into which letters, etc, are delivered

  1. Also called: postbox a public box into which letters, etc, are put for collection and delivery

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