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[ pahy-ping ]


  1. pipes pipe collectively; a system or network of pipes. pipe.
  2. material formed into a pipe or pipes. pipe.
  3. the act of a person or thing that pipes. pipe.
  4. the sound of pipes. pipe.
  5. a shrill sound.
  6. the music of pipes. pipe.
  7. a cordlike ornamentation made of icing, used on pastry.
  8. a tubular band of ornamental material, sometimes containing a cord, used for trimming the edges and seams of clothing, upholstery, etc.


  1. characterized by the peaceful music of the pipe.
  2. playing on a musical pipe.
  3. that pipes. pipe.
  4. emitting a shrill sound:

    a piping voice.


/ ˈpaɪpɪŋ /


  1. pipes collectively, esp pipes formed into a connected system, as in the plumbing of a house
  2. a cord of icing, whipped cream, etc, often used to decorate desserts and cakes
  3. a thin strip of covered cord or material, used to edge hems, etc
  4. the sound of a pipe or a set of bagpipes
  5. the art or technique of playing a pipe or bagpipes
  6. a shrill voice or sound, esp a whistling sound


  1. making a shrill sound
  2. archaic.
    relating to the pipe (associated with peace), as opposed to martial instruments, such as the fife or trumpet


  1. piping hot
    extremely hot
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Other Words From

  • piping·ly adverb
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Word History and Origins

Origin of piping1

1200–50; Middle English (gerund); pipe 1, -ing 1, -ing 2
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Idioms and Phrases

  1. piping hot, (of food or drink) very hot.
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Example Sentences

They’ve built a platform for shareable Markdown-based apps that can a user can launch from the terminal, giving them a visual interface that can be filled out and adjusted before piping output back into the terminal.

The walls are thin, so don’t expect the food to stay piping hot when not in cooking mode.

Even though you can actually feel the piping when pressing down on the pad, it’s definitely not harsh or uncomfortable.

I taught myself to use a piping bag to decorate my cakes with flowers.

From Time

Fill a piping bag with the filling and place in the fridge to set for about 30 minutes.

From Eater

You could sew lead piping into that and it wouldn't show up.

He saw a chain barrier covered with PVC piping that the Jeep had apparently struck and damaged before becoming stuck.

In an email to White, Minyon wrote, “I am piping up saying we need your services,” adding “I will fight for it.”

When the piping finally concludes, a third man steps forward.

He said he was a retired pipe designer, and had done the piping for the Wild Turkery distillery down the road.

The Shepherd, who was as wise as he was comely, had proper regard for her rank and danced in her honor to his own piping.

There was a mingled odour of foods, piping hot, and over all the grateful aroma from half a dozen coffee-pots.

So we awoke in the morning, with the sunshine smiting the snow into diamonds and a chickadee piping for breakfast.

The merman uncoiled a length of thin, flexible piping which joined a two-foot canister with a flat piece of metallic fabric.

"You sure mustn't speak to a lady that way," replied the stranger, firmly, in his little piping voice.


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