[pip-sis-uh-wuh, -waw]


any evergreen plant of the genus Chimaphila, especially C. umbellata, the leaves of which are used medicinally for their tonic, diuretic, and astringent properties.

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Origin of pipsissewa

1780–90, Americanism; perhaps < Eastern Abenaki kpi-pskwáhsawe literally, flower of the woods

Also called prince's-pine.

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Examples from the Web for pipsissewa

  • Growing alongside of it you are very likely to find the Pipsissewa, with its beautiful perfume and ever-green leaves.

    Woodcraft|Alan Douglas

British Dictionary definitions for pipsissewa



any of several ericaceous plants of the Asian and American genus Chimaphila, having jagged evergreen leaves and white or pinkish flowersAlso called: wintergreen

Word Origin for pipsissewa

C19: from Cree pipisisikweu, literally: it breaks it into pieces, so called because it was believed to be efficacious in treating bladder stones

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