[ pit-fawl ]
/ ˈpɪtˌfɔl /


a lightly covered and unnoticeable pit prepared as a trap for people or animals.
any trap or danger for the unwary: the pitfall of excessive pride.

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Origin of pitfall

1275–1325; Middle English pittefalle, equivalent to pitte pit1 + falle (Old English fealle) trap

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/ (ˈpɪtˌfɔːl) /


an unsuspected difficulty or danger
a trap in the form of a concealed pit, designed to catch men or wild animals

Word Origin for pitfall

Old English pytt pit 1 + fealle trap

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Word Origin and History for pitfall



c.1300, "concealed hole," a type of animal trap, from pit (n.1) + fall (n.). Extended sense of "any hidden danger" is first recorded early 15c.

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