[ pith-i-kan-throhp, pith-i-kuh n-throhp ]
/ ˌpɪθ ɪˈkæn θroʊp, ˈpɪθ ɪ kənˌθroʊp /


(sometimes initial capital letter) a member of the former genus Pithecanthropus.

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Origin of pithecanthrope

First recorded in 1875–80; short for Pithecanthropus

OTHER WORDS FROM pithecanthrope

pith·e·can·throp·ic [pith-i-kuh n-throp-ik] /ˌpɪθ ɪ kənˈθrɒp ɪk/, pith·e·can·thro·pine [pith-i-kan-thruh-pahyn] /ˌpɪθ ɪˈkæn θrəˌpaɪn/, adjectivepith·e·can·thro·pid [pith-i-kan-thruh-pid, -kuh n-throh-pid, -throp-id] /ˌpɪθ ɪˈkæn θrə pɪd, -kənˈθroʊ pɪd, -ˈθrɒp ɪd/, noun, adjective
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