[ peet-suh-yoh-luh ]

  1. Italian Cooking. prepared with a tomato sauce containing oregano and often other ingredients, as typically used in making pizza: Veal pizzaiola is a much loved Italian winter dish that I grew up eating as a kid.

  2. relating to, suitable for, or used in the making of pizza: The kitchen features a pizzaiola counter with a carrara marble top. This recipe is our take on the classic pizzaiola sauce.

  1. a female pizza chef: She is now the pizzaiola at one of the city’s most frequented Italian restaurants.

  2. Italian Cooking. a seasoned tomato sauce, as used in the making of pizza and pizzaiola dishes: Spread the pizzaiola on your base by putting a blob in the middle and then moving the pan quickly back and forth.

Origin of pizzaiola

First recorded in 1910–15; feminine of pizzaiolo; adjectival sense from Italian alla pizzaiola “in the manner of a female pizza chef”; cf. à la

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