play on

  1. (adverb) to continue to play

  2. Also: play upon (preposition) to exploit or impose upon (the feelings or weakness of another) to one's own advantage

  1. (adverb) cricket to hit the ball into one's own wicket

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How to use play on in a sentence

  • play on, my friend, play on!the sounds you make are very agreeable, and seem to imply that you are happy.

    The Sorrows of Satan | Marie Corelli

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play on

Also, play upon. Take advantage of or make use of for a desired effect, as in These health care ads are meant to play on our fears. This idiom uses play in the sense of “performing on an instrument.” Shakespeare used it in Hamlet (3:2): “You would play upon me; you would seem to know my stops.” [Late 1500s]

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