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[ pluhs ]


  1. more by the addition of; increased by:

    ten plus two is twelve.

  2. with the addition of; with:

    He had wealth plus fame.


  1. involving or noting addition.
  2. positive:

    a plus quantity.

  3. more (by a certain amount).
  4. Electricity. pertaining to or characterized by positive electricity:

    the plus terminal.

  5. Mycology. (in heterothallic fungi) designating, in the absence of morphological differentiation, one of the two strains of mycelia that unite in the sexual process.
  6. having a certain quality to an unusual degree:

    He has personality plus.


, plural plus·es, plus·ses.
  1. a plus quantity.
  2. Arithmetic. plus sign.
  3. something additional.
  4. a surplus or gain.


  1. Informal. also; and; furthermore:

    A bicycle is cheaper than a car, plus it doesn't pollute the air.


  1. in addition; besides.


/ plʌs /


  1. increased by the addition of

    four plus two (written 4 + 2)

  2. with or with the addition of

    a good job, plus a new car


  1. Alsopositive prenominal indicating or involving addition

    a plus sign

  2. another word for positive positive
  3. on the positive part of a scale or coordinate axis

    a value of +x

  4. indicating the positive side of an electrical circuit
  5. involving positive advantage or good

    a plus factor

  6. informal.
    postpositive having a value above that which is stated or expected

    she had charm plus

  7. postpositive slightly above a specified standard on a particular grade or percentage

    he received a B+ rating on his essay

  8. botany designating the strain of fungus that can only undergo sexual reproduction with a minus strain


  1. short for plus sign
  2. a positive quantity
  3. informal.
    something positive or to the good
  4. a gain, surplus, or advantage

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Usage Note

Since plus as a preposition has long had the meanings “more by the addition of ” and “with the addition of,” it was but a short step to a newer use, mainly in informal writing and speech, as a conjunction meaning “also, and, furthermore.” Although this use is increasing, many object to it, and it is rare in more formal writing. And plus is likewise objected to, especially for being redundant: The paper was delivered two hours late, and plus it was soaking wet.

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Plus, together with, and along with do not create compound subjects in the way that and does: the number of the verb depends on that of the subject to which plus, together with, or along with is added: this task, plus all the others, was (not were ) undertaken by the government; the doctor, together with the nurses, was (not were ) waiting for the patient

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Word History and Origins

Origin of plus1

First recorded in 1570–80; from Latin plūs “more”; akin to Greek pleíōn, Old Norse fleiri “more,” Old English feolu, fela, German viel, Gothic filu, Old Irish il, Greek polý “many”

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Word History and Origins

Origin of plus1

C17: from Latin: more; compare Greek pleiōn, Old Norse fleiri more, German viel much

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Idioms and Phrases

  1. pluses and minuses, the good and bad points of something; the advantages and disadvantages; the pros and cons:

    She spent hours listing the pluses and minuses of each of the apartments she had looked at, trying to narrow down her choices.

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Example Sentences

Learning how to beat that unforgiving chill and stay warm and cozy will allow you to have the full winter wonderland experience, plus take advantage of the empty trails, quiet animal encounters, and the beautiful silent nights.

Times of San Diego noted that the essential worker tier that’s next on the county’s list also includes child care workers, plus those who work in food and agriculture.

Despite the defeat, Pittsburgh still had an all-time tandem in Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, plus the NHL’s 10th-youngest roster in 2017-18,4 and it went into 2018-19 as one of the league’s better teams.

Anyone in a senior leadership role will still be doing multiple jobs outside of their own — plus you never really forget how to run campaigns.

From Digiday

The space seats 300 plus with only 30 people or so in the room.

Plus the GOP electorate has become more conservative since 2008.

Some seventy-plus countries currently offer some paternity leave or parental leave days reserved for the father.

But self-doubt, while a healthy quality for human beings to have, is alas not a plus for politicians.

Plus, expect outside players to take actions related to the conflict.

“Angry Birds is a small fun game plus a lot of pointless garbage,” Smith tells me.

Lamb fills his case, and lights this the ne plus ultra of a soothing weed.

Ie raconteray seulement ce qu' mon advis on orroit plus volontiers.

Ils me conduysirent en la plus grande cabane de toutes; elle contenoit bien 80 ames.

Ces gens, croy-je, sont les plus grands harangueurs de toute la terre; ils ne font rien sans cela.

The facts have been stated very simply, plus one brief general comment.


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