[poh-koh-koo-ran-tee, -rahn-, -kyoo-; Italian paw-kaw-koo-rahn-te]

noun, plural po·co·cu·ran·ti [poh-koh-koo-ran-tee, -rahn-, -kyoo-; Italian paw-kaw-koo-rahn-tee] /ˌpoʊ koʊ kʊˈræn ti, -ˈrɑn-, -kyʊ-; Italian ˌpɔ kɔ kuˈrɑn ti/.

a careless or indifferent person.


caring little; indifferent; nonchalant.

Origin of pococurante

1755–65; < Italian: literally, caring little. See poco, cure, -ant
Related formspo·co·cu·ran·tism [poh-koh-koo-ran-tiz-uh m, -rahn-, -kyoo-] /ˌpoʊ koʊ kʊˈræn tɪz əm, -ˈrɑn-, -kyʊ-/, po·co·cu·ran·te·ism, noun
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Historical Examples of pococurante

  • Martin found there was a good deal of reason in Pococurante's remarks.



  • While they were waiting for dinner Pococurante ordered a concert.



  • While dinner was getting ready, Pococurante ordered a concert.

    Voltaire's Romances

    Franois-Marie Arouet

  • But for myself, although I assure you not a pococurante, I cannot help thinking there is no slight dash of the commonplace.'


    Benjamin Disraeli

  • For me, as you may have found out, I am the pococurante senator, and above all things very free in saying what I think.

British Dictionary definitions for pococurante



a person who is careless or indifferent


indifferent or apathetic
Derived Formspococuranteism or pococurantism, noun

Word Origin for pococurante

C18: from Italian, from poco little + curante caring
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