1. a somewhat elongated, two-valved seed vessel, as that of the pea or bean.
  2. a dehiscent fruit or pericarp having several seeds.
  3. Entomology.
    1. an insect egg case.
    2. a compact mass of insect eggs.
  4. a streamlined enclosure, housing, or detachable container of some kind: an engine pod under the wing of an aircraft.
  5. a protective compartment, as for an automobile's instrument gauges.
  6. Mining. an orebody that has an elongated or lenticular shape.
  7. Radio and Television Slang. a cluster of brief commercials or spot announcements.
verb (used without object), pod·ded, pod·ding.
  1. to produce pods.
  2. to swell out like a pod.

Origin of pod

1680–90; apparently back formation from podder peasecod gatherer; comparepodder, variant of podware, unexplained variant of codware bagged vegetables (cod2 + -ware crops, vegetables)
Related formspod·like, adjectiveun·pod·ded, adjective
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capsule, husk, skin, case, shell, covering, hull, vessel, sheath, shuck, sheathing

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British Dictionary definitions for podding


    1. the fruit of any leguminous plant, consisting of a long two-valved case that contains seeds and splits along both sides when ripe
    2. the seedcase as distinct from the seeds
  1. any similar fruit
  2. a streamlined structure attached by a pylon to an aircraft and used to house a jet engine (podded engine), fuel tank, armament, etc
  3. an enclosed cabin suspended from a cable or a big wheel, for carrying passengers
verb pods, podding or podded
  1. (tr) to remove the pod or shell from (peas, beans, etc)
  2. (intr) (of a plant) to produce pods

Word Origin for pod

C17: perhaps back formation from earlier podware bagged vegetables, probably from pod, variant of cod ² + ware 1


  1. a small group of animals, esp seals, whales, or birds

Word Origin for pod

C19: of unknown origin


  1. a straight groove along the length of certain augers and bits
  2. the socket that holds the bit in a boring tool

Word Origin for pod

C16: of unknown origin


abbreviation for
  1. pay on delivery
abbreviation for
  1. print on demand
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Word Origin and History for podding



"seed of beans," 1680s, of uncertain origin; found earlier in podware "seed of legumes, seed grain" (mid-15c.), which had a parallel form codware "husked or seeded plants" (late 14c.), related to cod "husk of seeded plants," which was in Old English. In reference to pregnancy from 1890; in reference to a round belly from 1825. Meaning "detachable body of an aircraft" is from 1950. Pod people (1956) is from movie "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," based on novel by Jack Finney.



"herd of whales or seals," 1827, American English, of unknown origin.

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podding in Science


  1. A fruit or seed case that usually splits along two seams to release its seeds when mature. Legumes, such as peas and beans, produce pods.
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