[ poh-it ]
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  1. a person who composes poetry.

  2. a person who has the gift of poetic thought, imagination, and creation, together with eloquence of expression.

Origin of poet

1250–1300; Middle English poete<Latin poēta<Greek poiētḗs poet, literally, maker, equivalent to poiē-, variant stem of poieîn to make + -tēs agent noun suffix

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  • po·et·less, adjective
  • po·et·like, adjective
  • non·po·et, noun

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  1. poetic.

  2. poetical.

  1. poetry.

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sometimes when feminine poetess

/ (ˈpəʊɪt) /

  1. a person who writes poetry

  2. a person with great imagination and creativity

Origin of poet

C13: from Latin poēta, from Greek poiētēs maker, poet, from poiein to make

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