[ poh-it-as-ter ]
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  1. an inferior poet; a writer of indifferent verse.

Origin of poetaster

1590–1600; <Medieval Latin or New Latin; see poet, -aster1

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  • po·et·as·ter·ing, po·et·as·ter·y, po·et·as·try, po·et·as·ter·ism, noun
  • po·et·as·tric, po·et·as·tri·cal, adjective

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How to use poetaster in a sentence

  • I believe that any English poet of to-day would be thankful for the concision that a Chinese poetaster attains without effort.

    Language | Edward Sapir
  • Any poetaster can describe a thunderstorm; it requires a poet to describe the ancient and quiet sky.

    Varied Types | G. K. Chesterton
  • After commencing his education in a shop or counting-house, the poetaster sets up as a manufacturer of verse.

    Thackerayana | William Makepeace Thackeray
  • Cynthia's Revels was a satire on the courtiers and the poetaster on Jonson's literary enemies.

    From Chaucer to Tennyson | Henry A. Beers
  • Among the accusers were a young poetaster, Melitos, the tanner Anytos, and the orator Lykon.

    Historical Miniatures | August Strindberg

British Dictionary definitions for poetaster


/ (ˌpəʊɪˈtæstə, -ˈteɪ-) /

  1. a writer of inferior verse

Origin of poetaster

C16: from Medieval Latin; see poet, -aster

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