[ puh-lit-i-koh ]


, plural po·lit·i·cos.
  1. a politician.


  1. a combining form representing political in compound words:





  1. denoting political or politics




/ pəˈlɪtɪˌkəʊ /


  1. an informal word for a politician politician

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Word History and Origins

Origin of politico1

1620–30; < Italian or Spanish

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Word History and Origins

Origin of politico1

C17: from Italian or Spanish

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Example Sentences

Worse, his compassionate idealism was seen by seasoned politicos as too good to be true, and some suggested that his inspirational rhetoric was ultimately just a disguise designed to conceal a lack of substantive policy ideas.

He recalled the shock of local politicos in 1999, when the San Diego County Water Authority imposed a PLA, which they thought were limited to the Bay Area.

Those possibilities include becoming a political contributor to ABC News, hosting a podcast featuring longform interviews with celebrities and politicos, and even working in the family business of politics.

There’s a strong possibility that America’s had it with celebrity politicos.

From Ozy

As of this writing, it’s looking like technocrats and major politicos will form the cabinet, but the most critical ministries are likely to go to technocrats—finance, foreign affairs, justice and interior.

From Time

Politico has reported that some Republican donors see Scalise as damaged goods.

Last week, a Politico reporter phoned me to ascertain my thoughts on the new war.

In her memoir, the Texas politico reveals she had two abortions for medical reasons.

Politico reported over the weekend that Sharpton is the de facto liaison for the White House regarding the shooting in Ferguson.

He quoted from a Politico article noting that Democrats are talking impeachment up while Republicans are denying it.

The happy and comfortable constitution of the politico-social position must not be sought among the Greeks .

He was a great speaker in a debating society, a member of some politico-economical club.

It is clearly a recognition of the fact that the supreme politico-social institution of the time depended upon hand labor.

We may sum up the politico-military life of Santa Anna by saying that he has been engaged in eight pronunciamientos.

He also wrote a bitter satire upon the Spanish misrule in Italy, entitled Pietra del paragone politico .


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More About Politico

What does politico mean?

Politico is an informal word for a politician—a person who holds or is seeking political office as an elected government official.

Like the word politician, politico is most commonly used in the context of politicians campaigning, giving speeches, and promoting themselves, as opposed to the activities that they do as part of being a government official—voting, debating issues, and working to find solutions to problems (in which case a politician might be called a representative or officeholder—or a legislator or lawmaker, if they work in a lawmaking capacity).

Politico is especially used to refer to a long-term politician who’s experienced in making political deals or exchanging political favors.

For that reason, it’s often used in a negative way, such as to refer to politicians who are considered members of the establishment.

The informal term pol can be used to mean the same thing.

Example: We should be focusing on real issues instead of listening to endless rhetoric from politicos and pundits.

Where does politico come from?

Politico might sound like a modern slang term, but the first records of its use in English come from around 1630. It’s thought to have been borrowed from Spanish or Italian, but it has the same roots as its synonym, politician. It ultimately derives from the Greek polītikós, which means “civil” and is related to the Greek polī́t(ēs), “citizen.”

The term career politician refers to a representative who has spent a long time as an elected official and usually implies that they haven’t accomplished much other than continuing to get elected. The word politico can be used to mean the same thing. It’s especially used to refer to politicians who are considered insiders in the political world.

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What are some other forms related to politico?

  • politicos (plural)

What are some synonyms for politico?

What are some words that share a root or word element with politico

What are some words that often get used in discussing politico?

How is politico used in real life?

Politico is usually used informally. It’s often used negatively to criticize career politicians.


Try using politico!

Which of the following words can be used as a synonym of politico?

A. pol
B. politician
C. officeholder
D. all of the above