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[ pohl ]


  1. a sampling or collection of opinions on a subject, taken from either a selected or a random group of persons, as for the purpose of analysis.
  2. Usually polls. the place where votes are taken.
  3. the registering of votes, as at an election.
  4. the voting at an election.
  5. the number of votes cast.
  6. the numerical result of the voting.
  7. an enumeration or a list of individuals, as for purposes of taxing or voting.
  8. a person or individual in a number or list.
  9. the head, especially the part of it on which the hair grows.
  10. the back of the head.
  11. the rear portion of the head of a horse; the nape.
  12. the part of the head between the ears of certain animals, as the horse and cow.
  13. the broad end or face of a hammer.

verb (used with object)

  1. to take a sampling of the attitudes or opinions of.
  2. to receive at the polls as votes.
  3. to enroll (someone) in a list or register, as for purposes of taxing or voting.
  4. to take or register the votes of (persons).
  5. to deposit or cast at the polls as a vote.
  6. to bring to the polls, as voters.
  7. to cut short or cut off the hair, wool, etc., of (an animal); crop; clip; shear.
  8. to cut short or cut off (hair, wool, etc.).
  9. to cut off the top of (a tree); pollard.
  10. to cut off or cut short the horns of (cattle).

verb (used without object)

  1. to vote at the polls; give one's vote.



[ pol ]


  1. (formerly, especially at Cambridge University, England)
    1. the body of students who read for or obtain a degree without honors.
    2. Also called poll degree. pass degree.



[ pol ]



/ pəʊl /


  1. the casting, recording, or counting of votes in an election; a voting
  2. the result or quantity of such a voting

    a heavy poll

  3. Also calledopinion poll
    1. a canvassing of a representative sample of a large group of people on some question in order to determine the general opinion of the group
    2. the results or record of such a canvassing
  4. any counting or enumeration

    a poll of the number of men with long hair

  5. short for poll tax
  6. a list or enumeration of people, esp for taxation or voting purposes
  7. the striking face of a hammer
  8. the occipital or back part of the head of an animal


  1. to receive (a vote or quantity of votes)

    he polled 10 000 votes

  2. to receive, take, or record the votes of

    he polled the whole town

  3. to canvass (a person, group, area, etc) as part of a survey of opinion
  4. to take the vote, verdict, opinion, etc, individually of each member (of a jury, conference, etc)
  5. sometimes intr to cast (a vote) in an election
  6. computing (in data transmission when several terminals share communications channels) to check each channel rapidly to establish which are free, or to call for data from each terminal in turn
  7. to clip or shear
  8. to remove or cut short the horns of (cattle)
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Other Words From

  • polla·ble adjective
  • poller noun
  • re·polling noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of poll1

First recorded in 1300–50; Middle English pol(le) “head (of a person or animal); a person,” from Middle Dutch or Middle Low German: “hair of the head, top of a tree or other plant”; akin to Danish puld, Swedish pull “crown (of the head)”

Origin of poll2

First recorded in 1800–05; from Greek polloí (as in hoi polloí “the many”); poly-
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Word History and Origins

Origin of poll1

C13 (in the sense: a human head) and C17 (in the modern sense: a counting of heads, votes): from Middle Low German polle hair of the head, head, top of a tree; compare Swedish pull crown of the head
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Example Sentences

They also discuss whether polls in the Midwest have corrected their biases and whether scandals still matter.

While poll worker shortages were already an issue, a dearth of poll workers is a much bigger concern in 2020.

When you do so, you should also plan to update your driver’s license or whatever identification your state requires you to show at the polls.

We use polls posted by RealClearPolitics, HuffPollster, Polling Report and FiveThirtyEight in our analysis.

From Ozy

This poll’s modeled error estimate is plus or minus 3 percentage points.

From Fortune

But so-called jungle primaries are notoriously hard to predict or poll.

Most of it is taken up by a graphic inviting the visitor to participate in the 2016 online presidential straw poll.

The Pew poll also found most African Americans expect relations between police and minorities will actually get worse.

And this is a poll, remember, not of Latinos, or of Cuban-Americans across the country.

This past May, NBC News and The Wall Street Journal conducted a joint poll on body art.

Neither shall they shave their heads, nor wear long hair: but they shall only poll their heads.

Since many of the Readjuster party members consisted of Negroes, the poll tax was repealed also.

In 1876, a law was passed which required the payment of a poll tax before voting in the state of Virginia.

Furthermore, a constitutional requirement demanded payment of three years' poll taxes six months before general elections.

One of the first effects of this amendment in Virginia was a legislative enactment requiring all women to pay the poll tax.


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