[ puh-lim-er-uh-zey-shuh n, pol-uh-mer- ]
/ pəˌlɪm ər əˈzeɪ ʃən, ˌpɒl ə mər- /

noun Chemistry.

the act or process of forming a polymer or polymeric compound.
the combination of many like or unlike molecules to form a more complex product of higher molecular weight, with elimination of water, alcohol, or the like (condensation polymerization), or without such elimination (addition polymerization).
the conversion of one compound into another by such a process.

Origin of polymerization

First recorded in 1875–80; polymerize + -ation
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Examples from the Web for polymerization

  • Similar considerations as to the formation and breaking up of the molecules in anabolism and catabolism apply to polymerization.

    The Mechanism of Life|Stphane Leduc
  • Oxidation, dehydration and polymerization have all been suggested, but there is little direct evidence.

    Animal Proteins|Hugh Garner Bennett
  • On a hunch I dropped in an aluminum alkyl, and then pushed the polymerization along with both ultraviolet and heat.

    The Professional Approach|Charles Leonard Harness
  • Possibly the different forms of matter may be due to a single cause--polymerization.

British Dictionary definitions for polymerization



/ (pəˌlɪməraɪˈzeɪʃən, ˌpɒlɪməraɪ-) /


the act or process of forming a polymer or copolymer, esp a chemical reaction in which a polymer is formed

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Medicine definitions for polymerization


[ pə-lĭm′ər-ĭ-zāshən, pŏlə-mər- ]


The bonding of two or more monomers to form a polymer.
A chemical process that effects this bonding.

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