[ pom-uh-loh ]
/ ˈpɒm əˌloʊ /

noun, plural pom·e·los.

the very large, yellow or orange citrus fruit of a tree, Citrus maxima, of southeastern Asia.
the tree itself.

Origin of pomelo

1855–60; pseudo-Spanish alteration of pomplemoose < Dutch pompelmoes, perhaps blend of pompoen pumpkin and Portuguese limões, plural of limão lemon
Also called shaddock.
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British Dictionary definitions for pomelo

/ (ˈpɒmɪˌləʊ) /

noun plural -los

a tropical rutaceous tree, Citrus maxima (or C. decumana), grown widely in oriental regions for its large yellow grapefruit-like edible fruit
the fruit of this tree
mainly US another name for grapefruit
Also called: shaddock

Word Origin for pomelo

C19: from Dutch pompelmoes, perhaps from pompoen big + Portuguese limão a lemon
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