[ noun pon-tif-i-kit, -keyt; verb pon-tif-i-keyt ]
/ noun p蓲n藞t瑟f 瑟 k瑟t, -藢ke瑟t; verb p蓲n藞t瑟f 瑟藢ke瑟t /
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the office or term of office of a pontiff.
verb (used without object), pon路tif路i路cat路ed, pon路tif路i路cat路ing.
to perform the office or duties of a pontiff.
to speak in a pompous or dogmatic manner: Did he pontificate about the responsibilities of a good citizen?
to serve as a bishop, especially in a Pontifical Mass.
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Origin of pontificate

First recorded in 1400鈥50. The noun is from Latin pontific膩tus, derivative of pontific- (stem of pontifex ) + -膩tus noun suffix denoting office or function; see origin at pontifex, -ate3. The verb is from Medieval Latin pontific膩tus, past participle of pontific膩re 鈥渢o be an ecclesiastic鈥; see -ate1

OTHER WORDS FROM pontificate

pon路tif路i路ca路tion [pon-tif-i-key-shuhn], /p蓲n藢t瑟f 瑟藞ke瑟 蕛蓹n/, nounpon路tif路i路ca路tor, noun
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How to use pontificate in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for pontificate


verb (p蓲n藞t瑟f瑟藢ke瑟t) (intr)
to speak or behave in a pompous or dogmatic mannerAlso (less commonly): pontify (藞p蓲nt瑟藢fa瑟)
to serve or officiate as a pontiff, esp in celebrating a Pontifical Mass
noun (p蓲n藞t瑟f瑟k瑟t)
the office or term of office of a pontiff, now usually the pope
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