poor mouth

[ poor-mohth ]
/ ˈpʊər ˌmoʊθ /
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noun Informal.
a person who continually complains about a lack of money.
a plea or complaint of poverty, often as an excuse for not contributing to charities, paying bills, etc.
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Idioms about poor mouth

    cry poor mouth, Informal. to complain, especially habitually, about a lack of money.Also talk a poor mouth.

Origin of poor mouth

First recorded in 1815–25

Other definitions for poor mouth (2 of 2)

[ poor-mouth ]
/ ˈpʊərˌmaʊθ /

verb (used without object), poor-mouthed [poor-moutht, -mouthd], /ˈpʊərˌmaʊθt, -ˌmaʊðd/, poor-mouth·ing.
to lament or argue that one is too poor; plead poverty.
verb (used with object), poor-mouthed [poor-moutht, -mouthd], /ˈpʊərˌmaʊθt, -ˌmaʊðd/, poor-mouth·ing.
to declare (one's ability, power, position, etc.) to be inadequate or disappointing, sometimes as an intentional understatement; downplay: We know you're just poor-mouthing your skill at playing bridge—you're a good player.

Origin of poor-mouth

1965–70; Americanism; originally in verb phrases put up a poor mouth, make a poor mouth
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How to use poor mouth in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for poor mouth

poor mouth
/ Irish /

unjustified complaining, esp to excite sympathyshe always has the poor mouth
verb poor-mouth (tr)
informal to speak of disparagingly; decry
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