[ triv-ee-uh-lahyz ]
/ 藞tr瑟v i 蓹藢la瑟z /
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Definition of trivialize

verb (used with object), triv路i路al路ized, triv路i路al路iz路ing.
to make trivial; cause to appear unimportant, trifling, etc.
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Also especially British, triv路i路al路ise .

Origin of trivialize

First recorded in 1840鈥50; trivial + -ize


triv路i路al路i路za路tion, noun

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What does trivialize mean?

Trivialize means to cause something to appear unimportant or insignificant, as in Gabe tried to trivialize the D he got in math, but his parents still grounded him.

Trivialize is a verb form of the adjective trivial. It鈥檚 often used by the person being trivialized, rather than by the person doing the trivializing.

Example: Do not trivialize the effort that was put into my project.

Where does trivialize come from?

The first records of the term trivialize come from the mid-1800s. It combines the term trivial, meaning 鈥渃ommonplace鈥 or 鈥渦nimportant,鈥 and the suffix ize, which creates verbs with a general meaning of 鈥渢o render, make,鈥 as in actualize and Americanize. Trivial originally comes from a combination of Latin words that mean 鈥渁t the street corner.鈥

When something is important to someone, anything that tries to lessen that importance can seem like trivializing, but trivialization is actually very deliberate and takes effort to do. When someone trivializes your efforts, for example, they usually do so by lying about something or pointing out insignificant facts that tarnish the quality or nature of your effort.

Sometimes, though, people can trivialize something without realizing it. For example, many classic Hollywood Westerns trivialize the struggles of the Native Americans. We don鈥檛 realize until later than we鈥檝e diminished something that was important to another person.

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  • trivialization (noun)

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How is trivialize used in real life?

Trivialize is commonly used to describe something that is dismissed as a negative.



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Laughing at someone else鈥檚 misfortune trivializes any pain they鈥檙e feeling.

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/ (藞tr瑟v瑟蓹藢la瑟z) /

(tr) to cause to seem trivial or more trivial; minimizehe trivialized his injuries

Derived forms of trivialize

trivialization or trivialisation, noun
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